Controlling bus stations efficiently.
INIT’s Terminal Management System allows for higher capacity utilisation and better passenger information.

Karlsruhe, August 2007.
Reduced waiting times, faster dispatching, more satisfied passengers, in short: the new Terminal Management System by INIT offers more efficiency for bus terminals. The intelligent software MOBILE-TMS enables transport companies to manage central bus stations where a large number of vehicles and routes have to be coordinated more efficiently, thus offering their passengers an improved service.

Newly developed terminal-specific dispatching measures and displays for the dispatcher workstations assist terminal managers with their daily tasks, e.g. if a delayed bus is not able to pull into its originally assigned bay as this is already occupied by the next scheduled bus. This is where the MOBILE-TMS algorithms come into play by assisting the dispatchers in making decisions and controlling gate allocations autonomously. As soon as the bus enters the terminal, a display shows drivers their target gate. This information can also be retrieved via the on-board computer.

A short-haul positioning system means vehicles can be automatically detected and displayed on the terminal manager’s control screens. This allows monitoring the buses, e.g. to check whether they have approached the designated bay. To maintain bus manoeuvrability in the terminal MOBILE-TMS prevents further vehicles from pulling in, if all bays are occupied, by using barriers and traffic light pre-emption at the entrance.

MOBILE-TMS not only facilitates the work of terminal managers, but also leads to more passenger satisfaction. One of the key factors for this improvement is the real-time information for passengers. For that, already existing fleet management systems are connected via standardised interfaces (VDV 453, SIRI) and the calculated arrival times are shown in the waiting area on easy-to-read displays.

Further functions like a safety and evacuation mode, stationary passenger counting or statistical evaluation are additions to the system.

INIT manages terminal in Leicester.
For the first time the Terminal Management System MOBILE-TMS was put into operation at St. Margaret’s Bus Station in Leicester/UK. The terminal, built in 1985, features 22 angled bus bays attached to a large concourse. After waiting for their bus in the comfortable terminal hall the passengers pass the electrically controlled doors and are able to reach their bus with just a few steps.

At St. Margaret’s 15 different coach operators offer daily services covering more than 40 routes. With more than 220,000 departures per year it is a central transfer station for the entire East Midlands. In addition, the terminal is becoming increasingly important as a hub for the long-distance buses of the nationwide bus operator ‘National Express’.

To cope with the continuously rising number of approaches and to control the terminal’s limited resources and allocate them efficiently, Leicester City Council counts on the Terminal Management System MOBILE-TMS by INIT.

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